24Volt Starter Bundle

$2,950.00 inc. GST

MaxxCell OG-3524MAX bundled with a pair of MaxxCell 24-100Lite Lithium batteries. This is the perfect system bundle to get your shed, tiny home, bus conversion weekender powered up and off grid.

24volt starter bundle
This item: 24Volt Starter Bundle
$2,950.00 inc. GST
$2,950.00 inc. GST
$208.05 inc. GST
$75.05 inc. GST
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The specs:

  • 3500VA, 2800Watt low frequency inverter charger
  • 5Kw of usable lithium power
  • Free freight anywhere in Australia
  • Save $500 with the bundle price

Bundle contents:

  1. MaxxCell OG-3524MAX inverter
  2. 2 x MaxxCell 24-100Lite Lithium batteries
  3. Parallel battery cables
  4. Free Shipping Australia Wide

This is a Low Frequency Inverter

Low frequency inverters are the pinnacle of electrical durability. Their massive iron core transformer is aptly capable of absorbing surge loads because of the “Flywheel Effect” inherent in the physical amount of a transformer’s iron. LF inverters have larger and more robust Field Effect Transistors (FET’s) that can operate cooler, in part due to the slower frequency of switching required to produce AC power.

These inverters are slightly larger and heavier than their low frequency counterparts but they more than make up for this with reliability. If you are running any sort of inductive load from pumps or motors then a low frequency inverters is a much safer choice.


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