MaxxCell 24-100LITE

$1,200.00 inc. GST

MaxxCell 24-100LITE LiFePO4 25.6V lithium battery.

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Lithium Battery
This item: MaxxCell 24-100LITE

Available on back-order

$1,200.00 inc. GST
$1,200.00 inc. GST
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MaxxCell 24-100LITE LiFePO4 Battery

Cast Aluminium and Steel encased LiFePO4 Cells combined with a rock solid BMS and strong 5 year warranty. Shock proof, able to withstand temperatures over 75 degrees Celsius. Can be mounted in areas with no ventilation. This truly is a bullet proof super high capacity Lithium battery. After 4000 cycles we warranty this battery to have 80% of its original capacity. Made from matched BYD LiFePO4 cells and a custom BMS that uses the case material for heat dissipation, perfect for extreme conditions and ideal for mobile applications.

Lithium Battery

Product Specifications



Usable Capacity

2560Wh / 100Ah

Voltage Class


Nominal Voltage


Voltage Range


Recommend Charge Cut-off Voltage


Recommend Discharge Cut-off Voltage


MAX. Charge & Discharge Current


Recommend Charge&Discharge Current


MAX. Output Power


Recommend Output Power




Self Discharge

<3% / month

Parallel Capable

Yes - unlimited

Ingress Protection


Cycle Life


Working Temperature Range

Discharge:-20°C to +75°C

Product Dimension


Stackable Design

Lithium Battery

♦ Stack batteries on top of each other with integrated stacking lugs.

♦ Protruding feet enable easy fastening/mounting and our custom case lends itself to complicated battery pack locations in tight spaces.

♦ The casing of the battery is designed to withstand hard knocks, vibrations and is completely sealed from dust and moisture.

♦ Cast aluminium and steel dissipate heat away from the over sized battery management  system.

♦ Perfectly matched BYD cells inside are powering your battery for an expected cell life of 10 years.

♦ Mount batteries on their side, vertical, sideways – it doesn’t matter. Super safe LiFePO4 cells are sealed and work at any angle.

♦ Truly maintenance free – we guarantee it.


Battery Dimensions

Perfectly Matched inverter

12 volt inverterDesigned to match our 24 volt low frequency commercial grade OG-3524MAX inverter. Parallel up several 24-100LITE batteries for a bullet proof 24 volt system.

Additional information

Weight42.3 kg
Dimensions57 × 32 × 36 cm


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